Accommodations in Bucovina
Bucovina is the region nearby Suceava, Campulung Moldovenesc and Radauti localities from Romania and Cernauti from Ucraina, region which together with the Northern Moldavia was called "Tara de sus" (Upper Country).
Region with beautiful landscapes but also with a string of monasteries founded by great Moldovian voivodes and boyers (The Musatins, Alexander the Good (Alexandru cel Bun), Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare), Petru Rares, Stephen (Stefan) Tomsa, Alexander (Alexandru) Lapusneanu, Movilesti family a.o.), each with its specific colour:
Voronet (blue), Humor (red), Sucevita (green), Moldovita (yellow) and Arbore (combination of colours). All these monasteries, due to their outter paintings (fresco) were taken into evidence by UNESCO and have received in 1976 the "Pomme d'or" prize of FIJET International Organization for their cultural - touristic value.
Thought in other style, but not less valuable, there are also the Dragomirna (work of art of the pomp and exotism of the Moldavian architecture, whose colour and light are as those from Saint Sophia in Bizant) and Putna The houses inside Sighisoara Citadel show the main features of a craftsmen's town. However, there are some houses which belonged to the former patriciate, like the Venetian House and the House with Antlers.
  (with one of the richest artistic treasures in Romania and in the world in gothic style, taken in UNESCO evidence) monasteries, or Bogdana Church in Radauti (the oldest in Moldova). source:
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