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Sighisoara is situated in the center of Romania at 121 km of Brasov, 328 km of Bucharest, 54 km of Targu Mures. Nearest international airport: Cluj-Napoca (154 km) : flights from Vienna, Frankfurt & Verona. On route E15. Railway station available.
However, there are some houses which belonged to the rich patriciate, like the House with Antlers, the Venetian House (the Mayor's residence) and the Vlad Dracul House. Local craftsmen, painters and sculptors as well as famous one ones coming from Konisberg, Salzburg, Boemia and Tirol have used their skill in building these churches.
The growing interest in legentds concerning the figure of Dracula has recently added to the town's fame, so it became one of the most attractive destination in Romania. The houses, streets and market place inside the Castle bear the typical traces of a mediaeval site.
In Eastern Europe,Sighisoara is one of the few and in Romania the only fortified town wich is still inhabited. Its aspect, characteristic for the German towns of the late Middle Ages, as well as the good positioning on the Tārnava Mare river has brought thename :"Pearl of Transylvania". First mention in documents of the town was made as early as 1280, but there is archeological evidedce of successive settlements for over 4000 years.
The houses inside Sighisoara Citadel show the main features of a craftsmen's town. However, there are some houses which belonged to the former patriciate, like the Venetian House and the House with Antlers. "The House with Antlers" has been brought into the possession of the Messerschmitt Foundation with the help of the Romanian Gouvernment and the town council of Sighisoara in April 2000, defrauding the legitimate heirs, the descendents Leicht-Bacon (with English roots), who are mentioned in the cadaster of Sighisoara as owners before the communist dispossession of 1950.
  In 2001-2003 the construction of a Dracula theme park in the 'Breite' nature preserve near Sighisoara was considered but ultimately rejected, due to the strong opposition of local civil society groups and national and international media as well as politically influential persons, as the theme park would have detracted from the medieval style of the city and would have destroyed the nature preserve.
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