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Pre-planned trips 

Consultanta si consiliere turistica
Pre Planned Tours
Painted monasteries in the open, blue houses, enormous forests.
Mountains born at the same time as the Alps, but with unique scenery, steep and spectacular embankments, caves, real subterranean jewels, accessible and full of charm, results of a never-ending war between rock and water.
Trying to discover Romania, you can't avoid looking at the traditions of culture and art of Maramures and Moldavia, regions full of history and faith.Maramures, a large hallow ground between volcanic mountains, inhabited by people characterized by humour and impetuous spirit, stands out as a region of villages little modified by civilization. 
Cradle of an original folklore.
Moldavia is different.
A large area of hills, a region of mediaeval epopees with a great number of painted monasteries comparable to the Capela Sixtina, with beautiful traditions kept in spite of the communist dictatorship.
This tours will reveal the sources of Romanians identity, it will be a trip amidst myths and legends.
Our main activity is travel consulting. As geographers, 
we know our land. Also, we could be your COUNSELLOR to plan your trip to Romania. 
It's nice to have a trip and to know a lot about the area you'll visit.  We'll give you the chance to be on your own. It's an adventure. LET US ORGANIZE IT for you.
1.. A seven days trip map.
2. Roads, hotels, restaurants information (quality, prices, addresses, phones, contacts, menus.
3. Descriptions of the main  places of interest.
4. Rent a car, trains, airplanes - how and where to book.
5. Climate details of the area you'll visit.
6. Where to say and eat.
Reccommendations. Photos, menus and contacts. Prices
7. Distances between  places of interest and the quality of  the roads.
8. Histories and legends from the area you'll visit.
9. A schedule for seven (nine) days, step by step, hour by hour.
10. Practical info: post, phones, internet providers, police, pharmacy, etc.
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